Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rave: Ten songs about love (part 3)

  • Dilana, Wonderfool--Partly just because I like the neologism, partly because it's Dilana, partly because I know what that feels like. (Sorry, no ling for this one, BMG are aggressive)
  • Captain Tractor, Frozen Puck to the Head--Love at first sight, adversity, and a happy ending, in other words a proper love song -- except it's about ordinary people, told Canadian style.
  • The Killers, When You Were Young--Another song about love in a twisted landscape, but this one incorporates religion and made it into the top 100.
  • Placebo, Drag--Because it has the best line of any of them--'I've just gotta get off my chest that I think you're divine'. Because it's Placebo. Because I never thought they would live long enough to write a song like this.

These songs are the ones I am thinking of now, and I am a bit addled. I am tempted to go to 13 just so I can include Commercial for Levi, Hard to Concentrate, and Hungry, but it would end up being 20 songs, and I don't want you to get all soppied out in here.


Arthur Dent said...

I'm sorry, but "Frozen Puck to the Head"? All the INCREDIBLE love songs that Brock (now, unfortunately gone solo) and the rest of Captain Tractor have given birth to over the years and you chose that one?

West Coast Rain?
Johnny's Ghost?
Through the Forest?
1000 Goodbyes?

Need I go on?

Placebogirl said...

Arthur, you're absolutely right, and I did debate 1000 Goodbyes in particular, because that one makes me cry nearly every time I hear it; and the first time I heard it was live in NZ nearly 12 years ago, back when Aimee was still in the band (and speaking of love songs -- I Remember You was another one I debated).

Here's the thing, though: when I wrote that post, I had been up nearly 36 hours. I don't write well about feelings when I am coherent. I have no idea what possessed me to pick a feely topic at that stage in the game. I think I might have been hallucinating. Frozen Puck was the only song I could do justice to at that point, and it also fit well into the list, as a not-so-traditional traditional love song--the humour was kind of what I was trying to get at.

I really think to do the topic justice, though, I need to make it a "Top 40" list, and write the post when I am at least somewhat lucid. Thanks for the comment, and cheer extra loud for me the next time you see the tractor, k?