Sunday, July 29, 2007

Rave: Big ups to the Randomnymity support crew -- we made it!


Thank you to all the people who helped me through this: All the sponsors, all the people who shared animal stories with me, anyone who IMed me, emailed me, commented, phoned, or otherwise held my hand through the night, everyone who suggested a topic even if I didn't use it (Jos, I was an idiot and closed our convo when you left). Thanks to The Partner for giving up Sunday with me, and especially thanks to Satchmo for the motivation (and the mouse wars that kept me awake).And now, since I have to be at work in fewer than 12 hours, I am going follow Satchmo's lead, and be 'in ur dreams, catchin ur zees'.


Anastasia said...

Well done!

Sleep well.

Anonymous said...

YAYAYAY congrats! and sweet dreams! :)


Anonymous said...

good work sweetie -- i read every word!


Jernej said...

heya Dana,

just found your blog and I must say, it is fantastic.

Honestly, voyeurism through your blog is nice :)

I hope you (you and The Partner :)) enjoy as much as you can. Seriously, I hope we (me and M.) will come to visit you once in the next two years...

enjoy, Jernej :)

Placebogirl said...

Hey Jernej,

glad you enjoyed all my ramblings! You and M are always welcome, we even have a room for you guys this time :). We adopted a new cat a couple of weeks ago, so you guys could have one each!

M said...

Hi Dana,
before you start thinking you have the most beautiful cats in the World, check this and think about it :-))

and this is Jernej's dog who would definitelly need some schooling, but I'm not sure it would help...

Sorry about Slovenian titles.

Have fun! Monika

Placebogirl said...

Monika, Lili is gorgeous. SO CUTE. Bolte is pretty cute too. Must go, being smooched to death by Antonia, the new cat...has been hard to type this!