Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Seven things

Yes, it has been a ridiculously long hiatus, but it's high time I got back to this. So. I figure easing myself into it is the right thing to do, and thus, seven things:

Seven things that scare me
1. The fact that 6% (or more--PDF) of men will admit to rape, if you don't call it rape
2. Peak oil, in an oil dependent society
4. The fact that my alternative is New Zealand, where the economy is pretty much rooted, and the Prime Minister isn't listening to evidence of what might fix it
5. The enormity of the misery caused by unbridled capitalism in the world
6. The changes in the weather
7. Cockroaches

Seven things I like
1. People committed to social justice and equality (not linking, because I would surely miss someone important)
2. Intelligent, serious, thoughtful conversation
3. Cats
4. Music
5. Exercise
6. Autumn
7. Books

Seven random facts about me
1. I'm a vego partnered with an omni
2. Osaan jonkun verran Suomea
3. I sat next to Tim Finn on a plane, once
4. I loathe and despise carrots
5. I was introduced to feminism and 'Phantom of the Opera' by the same person when I was 9
6. I've made 6 baby quilts
7. I like androgyny

Seven things I want to do before I die
1. See a new world order that places the needs of people above the needs of corporations
2. See the human race make significant steps toward addressing climate change
3. Find and do volunteer work that suits me
4. Trek Macchu Picchu
5. Meet Placebo
6. Learn to crochet
7. Learn to tailor my own clothes

Seven things I'm good at
1. Constructing a written argument
2. Cooking
3. Learning languages
4. Public speaking (though it to this day makes me nervous)
5. Designing and making beaded jewellery
6. Analysing data to create theory
7. Being staff to cats

Seven things I can't do but wish I could
1. Save the world
2. Play the guitar
3. Pee standing up
4. Run an 8 minute mile
5. Attend the weddings of my same-sex-partnered friends
6. Visit the US without having naked naked pictures of me taken at the border
7. Ensure no animal had to live in a shelter

Seven phrases I've been known to use
1. What in the everloving fuck?
2. I am not a librarian.
3. I blame the patriarchy
4. Wow, the implications of that are really interesting
5. From a user experience standpoint, I think we need to...
6. You're a rotten kitty!
7. Herra jestäs!

And now, it's about 7 minutes to bedtime.

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